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Airbnb Ban Indoor Security Cameras In Rentals

by Pleasant View

Cameras are no longer permitted inside any Airbnb rentals.

In order to enhance the privacy of their guests, Airbnb made an announcement on Monday stating that all security cameras placed indoors in their rentals are no longer allowed, as per their updated policy.

In the past, it was acceptable to have indoor cameras in certain areas such as hallways and living rooms, but not in private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. Additionally, these cameras had to be easily seen and disclosed in the rental listing.

According to a statement from Juniper Downs, Airbnb’s Head of Community Policy and Partnerships, their objective was to establish fresh and transparent regulations that offer their community a better understanding of what to anticipate on Airbnb.

The Airbnb team consulted with guests, hosts, and privacy experts to make the updates.

The ban, which will be implemented on April 30, pertains to all indoor cameras, regardless of their function or whether they are powered off.

In case a person encounters a surveillance camera in their rental property, they have the option to report the breach to Airbnb. Upon receiving the report, Airbnb will initiate an inquiry into the matter. Depending on the findings, Airbnb holds the right to either remove the listing or suspend the account.

The ban does not extend on surveillance cameras in areas such as hotel foyers or dining establishments if the rental has connection with either.

The announcement stated that doorbell cameras and noise decibel monitors, which only measure sound levels and do not record audio, will still be permitted. This is because they offer a secure and privacy-friendly method for hosts to monitor the security of their homes and address potential problems such as unauthorized parties.

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Prior to booking, Airbnb hosts must reveal the presence and location of any outdoor cameras they have.

Outdoor cameras will be prohibited in areas where there is a higher expectation of privacy, such as an outdoor shower or sauna.

According to a statement released on Monday, Vrbo, another vacation rental company, has prohibited the use of cameras inside or outside properties since 2022. Any outdoor cameras, specifically those overlooking pools, must also be disclosed.

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