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Amkor Bringing $2B Arizona Plant To Vistancia

by Pleasant View

Amkor Technology Inc. has secured a development agreement for its $2 billion semiconductor assembly and testing facility, which is set to be located in northern Peoria. This facility will be the largest of its kind in the nation and is expected to bring about 2,000 job opportunities in the near future.

In the northwest Valley, there is great potential for significant economic growth in the vicinity of the master-planned Vistancia community. The developer of this community also holds a portion of the land where the construction of the plant will take place, located near Loop 303 and Vistancia Boulevard.

In 2027 when the Amkor facility is ready for production, they are expected to make a great impact in the economy, while bringing job opportunities for engineers, technicians, operators, and support staff.

According to the three-way agreement among Amkor, Peoria, and Vistancia, Amkor has committed to reaching a total of 850 full-time positions by the year 2034. In order to meet this goal, Amkor will have to meet several hiring targets within the specified time period.

In order to meet their staffing needs, Amkor is required to hire individuals.

  • 300 full-time positions will be filled by September 30, 2027.
  • By September 30, 2028, an additional 425 roles will be added.
  • The team will expand to include 550 individuals by September 30, 2029.
  • By September 30, 2034, there will be a total of 850 employees.

According to the city of Peoria, Amkor is obligated to fulfill the 850-job requirement, but this number is considered the minimum. The city is confident that the new plant, located on over 56 acres of land sold by Vistancia, will generate 2,000 job opportunities.

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Following the unanimous approval of the development agreement by the Peoria City Council, Amkor’s senior vice president and chief of staff of its business unit, David McCann, expressed excitement about the “good jobs” that the company plans to provide, along with their accompanying benefits.

According to McCann, the offerings will encompass health and childcare benefits, as well as chances for ongoing learning and professional advancement.

Amkor has established partnerships with various institutions for workforce development, such as Purdue University and in-state schools like Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Maricopa County Community College, and West Maricopa Education Center.

How does this affect the northwest Valley?

The corporation has intentions to construct a factory in the commercial core of Vistancia, which spans 320 acres and is known as Five North at Vistancia. This specific area is situated on the west side of Loop 303, approximately between Vistancia Boulevard and Lone Mountain Parkway.

In close proximity is the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which is Amkor’s industry partner in collaboration with Apple Inc. The Amkor facility will be responsible for testing and packaging microchips manufactured by TSMC for Apple.

The anticipated development of Vistancia is expected to consist of a variety of establishments, such as restaurants, retailers, hospitality services, office buildings, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and 1,500 high-end residential units.

Representatives from the Vistancia community stated that Amkor’s undertaking is expected to enhance the attractiveness of the region for other businesses in the semiconductor supply chain that seek a superior business setting.

Vistancia is aiming to begin the Five North development within this year and is relying on its selection of businesses, such as retailers and restaurants, to generate a range of “top-notch employment opportunities.”

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In an email, it was stated that the establishment of Five North at Vistancia is expected to generate numerous employment opportunities for the community of Peoria, potentially creating several thousand jobs for its residents.

The construction of Amkor’s new campus is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2025.



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