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Arizona and California Authorities Seeking Public’s Help In Search For Missing Woman After Strange Disappearance

by Pleasant View

Amanda Nenigar

Authorities in Arizona and California are seeking assistance in their investigation of a 27-year-old individual who went missing at the end of February in La Paz County.

A week after Amanda Nenigar’s disappearance, her car was discovered abandoned in the remote desert of Arizona She was last spotted in Blythe, California.

The Sheriff of La Paz County has released the information about the discovery of the car and the current status of the investigation.

The search for 27-year-old Amanda Nenigar, which spans across multiple states, has become increasingly perplexing as investigators work to uncover any potential leads.

According to William Ponce, the Sheriff of La Paz County, his concern is that the outcome will be a restoration rather than the discovery of a living individual.

The La Paz County Sheriff’s office joined the investigation in the beginning of March, just one week after Nenigar’s disappearance.

Based on reports, Nenigar was spotted in Blythe, California, on February 28. The sheriff stated that she resides in this location but often commutes to La Paz County in Arizona, where her relatives reside.

After her family reported her disappearance, the sheriff’s department received a call a week later stating that her Toyota Camry was discovered by her family in the distant desert area south of Cibola, approximately 45 minutes away from Blythe.

According to the sheriff, the discovery of the car was unusually strange.

The abandoned vehicle situated on a large rock. The way in which the car was left was strange and investigators find it troubling that they have no clues as to the driver’s location.

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A timeline for Nenigar was reconstructed with collaboration of Blythe Police.

On February 27, the day before she disappeared, the sheriff stated that Nenigar contacted 911 when she got stuck in a ditch. However, this ditch was not in the same location where her car was eventually found.

The sheriff’s office has been conducting on-site searches with teams from various organizations, addressing the efforts both on land and from above.

Over the weekend, cadaver dogs were brought in but they were unable to detect any scent. The sheriff expressed concerns about the possibility of Nenigar being a victim of human trafficking.

According to Ponce, the current situation is a major worry with being close to the US border, living in a rural city, and being just a few hours away from cities like LA, Phoenix, and Vegas only adds to their concern. The lack of any relevant information has left investigators baffled. They are reaching out to the public for their assistance in locating her or providing any details that could help find her whereabouts.

According to authorities, Nenigar was wearing a pink hooded sweatshirt, black leggings, and black and white tennis shoes when she was last spotted. She has a scar on her cheek and a rose tattoo on her right hand. They suspect that she may have a slim bracelet on and could be carrying a pink purse.

To report any information, please contact the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office at 928-669-6141 or the Blythe Police Department at 760-922-6111.

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