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Arizona Woman Indicted On 20 Counts Of Organized Retail Theft

by Pleasant View

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell has announced the indictment of Yosvany Maza Portilla, who is accused of stealing cosmetics from stores in the greater Phoenix area.

Over a period of 18-months, Portilla repeatedly hit Ulta and Sephora stores throughout Maricopa County.

“These thefts occurred on many different dates with different retailers, and involved merchandise valued at more than $11,500,” said County Attorney Mitchell.  “I applaud the leaders at Ulta and Sephora for calling the police and supporting this prosecution. In other cities, Organized Retail Theft is an epidemic. My promise to the people of Maricopa County is that I will not allow these organized criminal groups to take root here. These crimes are taken seriously, and they are prosecuted.”

Portilla faces two indictments. The first is for 19 counts of organized retail theft, a class four felony.  In the second indictment, Maza Portilla is facing an additional count of organized retail theft, for a total of 20 counts of organized retail theft. No bond was set for Portilla.

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