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Border Patrol Sees Record Breaking Migrants At Border As Title 42 Drops

by Pleasant View

Photo Credit: TheDailyMail.com

Border Patrol agents have reported this week they have seen the highest daily totals ever recorded.

This week, for Border Patrol has seen the highest daily totals ever recorded. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday brought historic numbers of over 10,000 apprehensions a day as Title 42 comes to an end.

Currently, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is reporting they have approximately 26,000 migrants in federal custody. An estimated at capacity across the southern border is around 19,000. CBP is seeing most sectors are over capacity currently.

Current administration has given the green light for  “safe” mass street releases if CBP are unable to hold the migrants who are flooding across the border. The United States is about to witness the largest wave of mass releases in history and speculation is the release of migrants will continue in the coming days.

Title 42 which has been in place to allow authorities to rapidly expel migrants due to the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end late Thursday at the decision of the Biden administration.

Without a doubt, Arizona will be greatly impacted with the rush of immigrants and border towns are fearful of the limited resources to manage the surge.

On Monday, Arizona Governor Hobbs released her plan for how Arizona will address an expected increase in migration. Before Monday, Hobbs had remained quiet on her plans to address the looming circumstances that Arizona is about to face which include the high numbers of people looking to find asylum and shelter.

Arizona officials and all of the border towns are struggling to find resources on what many are calling a fundamentally outdated and broken immigration system.

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Hobbs released her five-point plan:

  • Transportation – Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) assisting migrants with safe transportation, lessening the burden of local communities and states.
  • Shelter – Providing emergency funding for temporary shelter while migrants await transportation outside of Arizona.
  • Public Safety – Arizona Department of Public Safety assisting local law enforcement through search and rescue operations and assisting drug interception.
  • Partnerships – NGOs, federal agencies and other states working together to help migrants get to their end destination.
  • Executive Action – Powers of Gov. Hobbs used to provide emergency funding and assist in specific border challenges.

Hobbs has sent letters to President Biden and U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas that said local organizations and communities could no longer shoulder the responsibility of processing migrants and that the federal government would be required to step in and help.

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