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EXPOSED: Audio Recording Proves AZGOP Chair Jeff DeWit Attempted To Bribe Kari Lake – Lake Vows, “They’ll Have to Kill Me to Stop Me”

by Pleasant View

Jeff DeWit
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In a recently leaked audio recording, it has been revealed that Jeff DeWit, the GOP Chairman of Arizona made a shady, asserted effort to bribe Kari Lake to bow out of her current run for U.S. Senate.

A recording from DailyMail.com exposes the leading Republican official in Arizona allegedly attempted to bribe Kari Lake, to not enter the state’s Senate race.

The shocking detailed recording brings to light an attempt of DeWit urging Kari Lake to temporarily remove herself from the political scene for a period of two years, while also offering her a position on behalf of individuals “from back east.”

Kari Lake responded with determination, stating, “I’m not willing to accept that. I’m going to be the biggest f*cking pain and these people’s asses. Go back and tell them that I’m running, and I’m going to be the biggest pain in their f*cking ass.” Lake stood her ground against the powerful establishment, adding “They’re going to have to f*cking kill me to stop me.”

Lake added, “I want to work for the betterment of Arizona. I’m not going to let these people back in D.C. tell me not to run.”

According to a previous article from The Gateway Pundit in March, Kari Lake stated that she was offered a bribe by someone representing “powerful individuals from the East” to withdraw from her U.S. Senate campaign. The bribe included a high salary and a seat on a board. This information was disclosed prior to Lake’s official announcement for her Senate bid.

The details of that allegation has now been made public.

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According to information from two undisclosed sources, Tucson’s radio host Garret Lewis disclosed on Monday that Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit was the person who attempted to bribe Lake. The Gateway Pundit also mentioned DeWit’s negative remarks about Trump and his hidden backing of unsuccessful presidential nominee Ron DeSantis.

Throughout the entire recorded conversation, DeWit continues in his efforts attempting to change Lake’s decision to remain in the race.  The audio recording reveals DeWit offering Kari Lake a sum of money to refrain from involvement in politics.

During the conversation DeWit drops a mention of the cartel operating in all of the 50 states.  “Forget the who. Let me just tell you the what,” before telling Lake, “never repeat this.” He continues with, “There are very powerful people that want to keep you out, but they are willing to put their money where their mouth is in a big way.”

Lake retorts, “These people are corrupt.” Kari follows it up with, “They don’t own me and it pisses me off. It’s about control.” When told they want her to stay out of the race for two years, she laughs and responds with, “the battle is right now and we don’t have time to pause on the battlefield.”

DeWit literally responds with “their” reasons and goes on to explain the powers at be have asked, “Are there any companies out there than can put her on the payroll and keep her out?”

Lake had a powerful message back, “All these consultants don’t want their pay day to end and I don’t want to make a deal with these kinds of people, this is a hill worth dying on.”

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In the audio, DeWit, can be heard asking Lake to name her price in exchange for staying out of politics for two years. During the conversation, DeWit mentions again that there are influential individuals who do not want Lake to run and suggests that it is time for someone else to take the spotlight, especially with Trump’s potential loss in the upcoming election. Lake, is considered a potential 2024 vice-presidential candidate, and is known for being a prominent figure in the MAGA movement.

He believes that for many individuals, the main concern is not asserting control or promoting an agenda, but rather the capability to generate funds in order to succeed. This also applies to the individuals on the other side who prioritize their monetary gain.

Throughout the entire conversation, Lake was clear that she was not interested, declaring that she stands the people of Arizona.

The audio is quite shocking and shines light on the deplorable action of the Arizona GOP leader engaging in bribery activity.

Listen to the full recording below provided by the Daily Mail:

It is understood that while some may look at this type bribery as illegal, offering a candidate a bribe in the form of a comfortable arrangement such as a high level job, it actually is not illegal.  Sadly it is not uncommon in the political world. Offering an alternative to public office a solid strategy to attempt to eliminate competition in the political field. So while DeWit’s offerings to Lake sound shady, it is not technically illegal.

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