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Glendale Man Charged For Firing 100 Rounds In Air On Fourth of July

by Pleasant View

A man has been charged after firing a weapon in the air Tuesday evening at an apartment complex in Glendale.

Conrad Washington, 29-year-old, is accused of firing what police believe to be over 100 rounds into the air with a rifle during Fourth of July celebrations in the area of West Olive and 59th avenues in Glendale.

Washington’s charges include endangerment substantial risk of causing physical injury and discharge firearm within city limits. He was in violation of Shannon’s Law, which was enacted in 2000, making it a class six felony to randomly fire a gun within or into the limits of any Arizona municipality.

The law was named after a 14-year-old named Shannon Smith was killed by a stray bullet in June 1999 while she was in the backyard of her home in Phoenix.

Neighboring residents called authorities about a man firing shots in the courtyard next to an apartment complex. When officers arrived at the scene, they saw Washington holding a black semi-automatic rifle next to the staircase that leads to his apartment. He ran into his apartment and returned without a weapon.

As part of their investigation, officers deployed a drone and found casings on the ground next to the staircase leading to the apartment and under the balcony. The suspect and his brother willingly left the apartment separately and were both detained by police.

Court documents report that the suspect denied shooting the firearm and claimed it was someone else. He reportedly heard the shooting and figured it was his time and claimed he had intentions of committing suicide outside in the courtyard.

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The court documents released detail that Washington had served in the military but was barred from re-enlistment due to prior arrests during his time in the military.

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