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Import Ban on Apple Watch Lifted After Removal of Feature

by Pleasant View

Apple has discovered a solution for a number of Apple Watch models that were temporarily prohibited from being brought into the United States due to an accusation of patent infringement.

The import bans imposed on Apple’s Series 9 and Ultra 2 were a result of an alleged patent violation related to the blood oxygen feature on their watches. However, an injunction was promptly issued after the ban was implemented, granting Apple a few weeks to resolve the matter.

In December, Apple removed the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 from its website and physical stores. The company also ceased importing these watches into the United States.

According to the International Trade Commission, Apple has been found guilty of infringing Masimo’s patent for a pulse oximeter that utilizes light-based technology to measure blood-oxygen levels in the body.

Masimo’s lawyers submitted a document to a federal court asserting that the new version of Apple’s watches does not include pulse oximetry capabilities. The specific changes made by Apple to their watches have not been disclosed to the public.

According to the International Trade Commission, Apple was accused of violating section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930. This act aims to protect smaller companies from the importation of products that infringe on U.S. patents. Masimo Corporation and Cercacor Laboratories, Inc. are among the companies that are claimed to be negatively affected by the sale of Apple Watches.

Apple did not agree with the accusations made by the International Trade Commission.

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