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Maricopa County Recorder Announces Voting Sticker Contest Winners

by Pleasant View

After eight weeks, dozens of entries, and thousands of votes cast — Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer announced the winners of their first-ever Youth and Adult “I Voted” Sticker Contest.

These designs will be utilized in Maricopa County’s upcoming July 30 primary and November 5 general election.

“We received so many incredible submissions and much like our county’s elections, the top contestants were neck-and-neck,” Recorder Richer said. “That’s why I’ve decided that we will use both the first and second place designs for the two categories – giving us four new exciting stickers for our upcoming elections.”

In the Youth contest the first place winner is 17-year-old Jacob (Jake) Petrine, a junior at Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix. His design titled, “Vote in the Desert” received more than 1,300 votes. The first runner up is 14-year-old Manuela Alvarez Sanchez in the Mesa Public School District. She received more than 1,200 votes for her design simply titled “I Voted.”

In addition to having their designs used as official “I Voted” stickers, Jake and Manuela will receive a pizza party during one of the classes of their choice.

Gilbert’s Lauren Kneuss claimed first place in our Adult contest with more than 1,000 votes for her design titled, “For a Brighter Tomorrow.” Sarah Hurwitz of Phoenix is the first runner-up. Her design titled, “GilaMonster Voter” received nearly 700 votes.

“I look forward to honoring our winners and am grateful to all who participated in the process.” Recorder Richer added.

If you’d like a chance to receive one of these incredible designs make sure your voter registration is up to date online at BeBallotReady.Vote.

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