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Phoenix Police Arrests Two Men, Charged With Sex Crimes With Minor

by Pleasant View

Two men have been arrested in a North Phoenix short-term rental property, accused of sex crimes involving children.

On Monday, Phoenix police shook up a north Phoenix neighborhood near the corners of Greenway Road and 36th Street when multiple police cars arrived on scene and arrested two men, 21-year-old Dwight Downing and 25-year-old Christian Ransom. The police reported they were both arrested and charged with Sexual conduct with a minor.

The house they were residing in has been used as a short-term rental. Over the last few years, AirBnB has taken measures to cut down on renters who throw loud, obnoxious parties from unruly short-term renters. But little can be done to keep away unknown potential predators from neighbhorhoods. Concerns have grown with human and drug trafficking and how short-term rentals are used, but what can be done if home owners are unaware of their tenants intentions or uses for the home.

The City of Phoenix’s new short-term rental program have made efforts to hold property owners more accountable and in situation such as this, AirBnB, city government and home owners need to work together to prevent future disturbing issues that neighbors could be possibly impacted by.

No additional information has been released in this ongoing investigation.

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