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Phoenix Police Detain 3 Individuals Connected to ‘South American Theft Groups’

by Pleasant View

Recently Scottsdale authorities announced they had seen an increase in the number of residential burglaries occurring during dinner time in neighborhoods situated next to golf courses and desert washes.

On Friday evening, authorities in Phoenix detained three individuals who were believed to be attempting a burglary.

Officers conducting surveillance in a local community noticed several individuals approaching a house near the intersection of 44th Street and Camelback Road. As a result, the officers intervened to prevent the potential burglary.

Authorities reported that the suspects departed the premises without any known explanation and entered a nearby minivan. Despite being blocked by officers, the driver continued to persist and even rammed into unmarked police vehicles in an unsuccessful effort to flee.

After leaving the minivan, four suspects fled into the nearby neighborhood. Law enforcement officers established a perimeter around the area, resulting in the apprehension of three suspects. Furthermore, they discovered suspected burglary tools that had been thrown away in the vicinity. However, the fourth suspect could not be located by the officers.

The three individuals who were apprehended as the suspects were Sue Ellen Gutierrez Saez, 20, who was driving; Johan Salvo Alacon, 21; and Manuel Eduardo Fuentes Gomez, 25. They were all charged with burglary, while the driver also faced additional charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

Authorities have stated that all three individuals had overstayed their visas and were utilizing fraudulent identification.

Who are the South American Theft Groups?

On February 5, the Phoenix Police Department declared that it was collaborating with various agencies in the Valley to locate and detain numerous burglary suspects linked to South American Theft Groups.

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The report states that a criminal organization known as SATG, operating across borders, has been connected to a series of thefts in the Phoenix region starting in December 2023. It has been observed that the group’s focus is on smaller valuable items like jewelry and credit cards, which can be easily converted into cash.

The Feb. 17 report mentioned that there may still be some members of SATGs who have not been identified, and they urge the public to stay watchful and inform the police if they notice any questionable behavior.

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