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Pistons Player Arrested For Reportedly Assaulting Suns Player Prior To Game in Phoenix

by Pleasant View
Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

Isaiah Stewart, a center for the Detroit Pistons, was taken into custody on Wednesday for allegedly assaulting Drew Eubanks, a center for the Phoenix Suns, at the arena prior to their scheduled game.

According to the Phoenix police, Stewart was declared unable to play in the game due to a sprained left ankle.  Eubanks stated that the incident occurred as he was entering the arena prior to the game. He explained that a disagreement arose and they were face-to-face before Stewart threw a punch. Security stepped in and Eubanks confirmed that he was physically able to play in the game, although authorities report that he suffered a minor injury.

The Suns released a statement condemning the unprovoked attack on Drew Eubanks and stating that violence of any kind is unacceptable. They also expressed their unwavering support for Drew and their commitment to collaborating with local authorities and the NBA.

The Pistons were notified about the occurrence and stated that they are currently collecting information regarding the incident and its cause. They are addressing the matter with the NBA and local authorities.

In 2021, Stewart was part of a confrontation on the court with the Lakers’ LeBron James, resulting in Stewart’s suspension for two games and James’ for one.

According to Suns player Kevin Durant, the main focus should be on the game and not the distractions. He expressed his disappointment at the events that occurred before the game, as it goes against the idea of brotherhood in the league. However, he acknowledged that conflicts can arise among players. He hopes that the league can move past this incident and that all players, including himself, stand in solidarity with Drew.

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