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Police Arrest Three People Involved in Coordinated Retail Theft Across State

by Pleasant View

Police announced that three individuals have been taken into custody for their involvement in a group that has been conducting organized retail theft throughout Arizona. The arrests were made on Friday.

According to the Tucson Police Department (TPD), three individuals have been identified as suspects in the theft of retail items worth $74,363. These individuals are Dorinta Velcu, 27 years old, Franchesca Traila, 21 years old, and a 16-year-old female.

Dorinta Velcu

Franchesca Traila











The three individuals were accused of committing the crimes of felony theft and organized retail theft. As per law enforcement officials, Velcu and Traila were taken into custody at Pima County Jail but have since been released on bond. The 16-year-old was issued a citation and released to a family member as their guardian.

The Mesa Police reported that the series of shoplifting incidents started on March 16. The group’s main target was Target stores, where they focused on stealing expensive products from the skincare section. They would then use stolen plastic totes to collect the stolen items and cover them with stolen clothing before leaving the store. The suspects would then transport the stolen merchandise to their vehicle and proceed to their next destination to continue their shoplifting spree.

According to authorities, a total of 12 incidents were recorded in both metro Phoenix and Tucson.

On the 27th of March, it was reported that Target notified the TPD about a group of shoplifters who were responsible for multiple thefts throughout Ariona. The Mesa Police Department stated that in just two days, the trio had stolen merchandise worth over $35,000. The TPD received information that the group was probably heading from Phoenix to Tucson to continue their stealing spree, according to the police report.

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As per the police report, the suspects’ minivan was intercepted by Tucson police and all three individuals were held for questioning after visiting three stores in the Tucson vicinity.

According to the police, the investigation is still in progress and they expect to bring more charges.

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