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South American Crime Ring Linked To Valley Break-Ins

by Pleasant View

Recent burglaries in Scottsdale have been traced back to a criminal organization operating in South America.

As previously reported, according to the authorities, the suspects are focusing on houses that are situated either adjacent to a golf course or a waterway and are easily entering backyards in order to gain access to the homes.

Authorities have reported that the organized crime group from South America is focused on robbing high-end residences and seem unfazed by security systems or gated communities.

Beginning October of 2023, the Scottsdale Police Department has addressed a total of 23 burglaries that took place in the early evening, usually when the residents were not at home. The most recent incident occurred over the weekend.

The group known as the “Dinnertime Burglars” has been identified by the police for their pattern of striking at dusk.

Law enforcement officials have also observed a recurring trend in these incidents of burglary. The perpetrators are deliberately selecting houses that either border a golf course or a wash, and are easily gaining access by jumping into the backyards of these properties.

According to authorities, the typical targets of the thieves are valuable but compact objects such as cash and jewelry.

Scottsdale has been targeted by a South American crime ring before.

According to reports, a Chilean criminal organization was responsible for a series of robberies in 2022 and the four individuals involved were all members. Each of them received a prison sentence of up to three years for their involvement.

Police agencies have reported targeted residences in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley.

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The police in Scottsdale are urging residents to leave their lights and televisions on even when they are away from home. They are also recommending that residents install a security system and inform their neighbors if they plan on leaving town. Installing cameras on your backyard patio is recommended as well.

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